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Music, and improvised music in particular, is my personal way to achieve freedom and getting into touch with my inner self and emotions. These precious moments when I play from the heart and feel a connection with the audience or fellow musicians, is what music in my opinion is all about.

In June 2019 I graduated – as the first chromatic harmonica player and Dutch man – from a full time jazz study at a Dutch conservatory. At the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam I studied with Jarmo Hoogendijk and Hermine Deurloo among others. During my graduation year I spent one semester at the conservatory of Gothenburg in Sweden. Here I had the privilege to be coached by renowned Nordic artists such as Anders Jormin and Anders Hagberg. I also picked up the willow flute – a Scandinavian overtone flute – as a second instrument.

The Nordic philosophy regarding aesthetics and improvisation is something very dear to me: I prefer to improvise freely and melodically with an emphasis on the use of space, sound projection and musical interaction.