Armand van Wijck

improvised music – chromatic harmonica – willow flute –

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CoolHaven Quintet
With my CoolHaven Quintet I explore uncharted territories with the chromatic harmonica: contemporary “jazz” where stories and concepts full of emotion and contemplation take centre stage. Inspired by my music studies in Scandinavia, film scores and impressionism, the result is a dark and romantic style with an open feel. Composed parts are interchanged with free improvisations. A holistic group sound as well as soundscapes play an important role.

“One of these great talented collectives that keep working, developing, recording and touring. They really deserve our best attention!” – Hanyo van Oosterom, programmer of jazz club Dizzy, Rotterdam.

Armand van Wijck – chromatic harmonica, compositions
Máté Lachegyi – piano
Tiago Lageira – guitar
Stef Joosten – electric bass
Floris van Elderen – drums

Intense, pure and transcendental. Moving between tranquil and haunting soundscapes inspired by the many faces of life and Kurdish poetry. This is the space in which the three musical minds of DENG – the Kurdish word for ‘sound’ – find each other. A unique combination of instruments, free improvisation and microtonal singing make up for a surprising and emotional experience. Listen, contemplate and expect the unexpected…
DENG is an international trio based in both Gothenburg (Sweden) and Utrecht (the Netherlands). We are therefore readily available for concerts in both the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Avin Omer – vocals
Johan Ekeberg – guitar
Armand van Wijck – chromatic harmonica, willow flute

CHI Quartet
Siu Tin Chi (Macau, Hong Kong) graduated in classical music at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Here she developed a special interest in minimalism and film scores. Afterwards she continued to explore jazz, which led her to the conservatory of Rotterdam. Her Rotterdam based CHI Quartet offers a fine mix of peaceful, atmospheric soundscapes and uplifting melodies, powered by a solid foundation of organic rhythms.

Siu Tin Chi – piano, compositions
Armand van Wijck – chromatic harmonica
Patricia Mancheño – double bass
Django Buiting – drums

Duo with Tiago Lageira
I started playing with Portuguese guitarist Tiago Lageira (Tilburg conservatory) in 2014. Our countless gigs and rehearsals as a duo or together in larger formations have resulted in a strong musical chemistry. As a duo we usually perform with a mixed repertoire of jazz and Brazilian music.

Armand van Wijck – chromatic harmonica
Tiago Lageira – guitar


I collaborated with numerous musicians from all over the world throughout the years. Usually in small settings (duo or trio) and with an emphasis on free improvisation and/or world or folk music. Some of which I still perform with are:
Kalev Karlson (Estonia, guitar – folk, ambient, free)
Hamid Reza Behzadian (Iran, Hindustani slide guitar – oriental, ambient, free)
Lilian Veira (Brazil, vocals – Brazilian music)
Ivy Lemos (Brazil, vocals – Brazilian music)